About the Late Payment Calculator

This calculator and website was made by Net Glue, a Devon based web designer.

What's it for?

If you’re in business, it’s likely that you’ve encountered customers that don’t pay up. Lot’s of business owners don’t realise that according to legislation on commercial debt, you are entitled to charge a recovery fee and interest on late or unpaid invoices.

The Late payment calculator accepts your invoice date, terms of payment and the amount and computes how many days overdue the invoice is and applies the correct interest rate and recovery fee based on the values you enter.

There are other calculators on the net…

Yes there are. Some of them require that you pay for an account to use them! And, most of them look pretty ugly and are slow to use.

We made this calculator to be easy, pleasant and quick to use and more importantly, FREE!


The calculator is offerred on an as is basis and we make no warranty for it's accuracy and neither is it intended as some kind of replacement for decent legal advice should you need it.

Your use of the calculator indicates that you agree to the license under which it is released.